Authors Like Terry Pratchett: 20 Writers Like The Fantasy Master

Terry Pratchett, the late master of comic fantasy, is sadly no longer with us. But his legacy lives on. Here are writers to read if you like Terry Pratchett.

Authors Like Terry Pratchett

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1 Esther Friesner

Esther Friesner Nobody's Princess Check Price on Amazon

She writes fantasy stories blended with historical fiction about women from ages past. In amongst humor, she weaves social satire and social commentary.

Esther Friesner is also known for her short stories, for which she’s won a Hugo and Nebula award.

2 Robert Rankin

Snuff-Fiction-Robert-Rankin Check Price on Amazon

Robert Rankin is a master of slapstick and surreal comedy, with a touch of horror. His books have laugh-out-loud moments and outrageous characters.

3 Andy Weir

Martian-Novel-Andy-Weir Check Price on Amazon

Andy Weir’s The Martian is a science-based thriller. It follows an astronaut stranded on Mars. It was turned into a popular film starring Matt Damon.

4 Tom Holt (K. J. Parker)

Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City (The Siege Book 1) Check Price on Amazon

Tom Holt writes historical novels under his name and writes fantasy under the pen name K.J. Parker.

He writes mythopoeic parody novels of tremendous scope and heart.

5 Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman-Ocean-End-Lane-Illustrated Check Price on Amazon

Neil Gaiman writes fantasy, science fiction, and things strange and wondrous. His literary career spans graphic novels, comics and screenplays.

6 Frances Hardinge

Lie-Tree-Frances-Hardinge Check Price on Amazon

Frances Hardinge writes dark and twisty fantasy novels for children and young adults. A great book of hers is The Lie Tree.

A story about a girl finding answers to questions about her dead father from a mysterious tree.

7 Ursula K. Le Guin

Left-Hand-Darkness-Penguin-Galaxy-Ursula K Le Guin Check Price on Amazon

Ursula K. Le Guin was a prolific American author. She wrote science fiction and fantasy to literary fiction and children’s books.

She’s best known for The Left Hand of Darkness and the Earthsea stories.

8 Jasper Fforde

Eyre-Affair-Thursday-Next-Novel-Jasper Fforde Check Price on Amazon

Jasper Fforde writes literary novels in the fantasy genre. Including the Thursday Next series and Nursery Crimes.

He’s known for his wordplay and use of literary allusions.

9 Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore - Fool Check Price on Amazon

Christopher Moore is known for his hilarious writing, including A Dirty Job and Lamb. He’s also made a name for himself with his horror novels.

Also, he’s a master of absurdist fiction.

10 Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers-London-Anniversary-Special-novel-Ben Aaronovitch Check Price on Amazon

He is the author of the Rivers of London series. A humorous look at police procedurals. It blends urban fantasy and hard-boiled detective novels.

He’s written graphic novels, short stories, and screenplays.

11 Eoin Colfer

Artemis-Fowl-Eoin-Colfer- Check Price on Amazon

Eoin Colfer is best known for the top-selling Artemis Fowl series. These books blend science fiction and fantasy with a modern setting.

They have a genius anti-hero protagonist. Funny and suspenseful.

12 Walter Moers

Lives-Captain-Bluebear-Walter-Moers- Check Price on Amazon

Walter Moers is a German author and cartoonist. He’s known for his unpredictable and imaginative style.

His books cross genres like fantasy, adventure, comedy-drama, mystery, thriller, and satire.

13 Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tea-Sympathetic-Magic-Teacup-Tansy Rayner Roberts Check Price on Amazon

She’s an Australian fantasy writer and writes crime fiction under a penname.

Her books are for children and adults with a surreal or fantastical element. Her work has been published in several magazines.

14 Robert Sheckley

Pilgrimage-Earth-Robert-Sheckley Check Price on Amazon

Robert Sheckley was an American science fiction author. He was known for his satirical approach to writing.

He penned short stories, novels, tv-episodes, media tie-ins, and more.

15 Michael Logan

Apocalypse-Cow-Michael-Logan Check Price on Amazon

Michael Logan is a Scottish author. He’s known for his hilarious, dark futuristic novels and short fiction. His work has won two prizes.

He previously worked as an international correspondent.

16 Mervyn Peake

Titus-Groan-Mervyn-Peake Check Price on Amazon

Mervyn Peake was a British writer and artist known for gothic fantasy.

He also wrote poetry, short stories, plays, and painted illustrations for his books. His most famous work is Gormenghast Trilogy.

17 A. Lee Martinez

Nameless-Witch-Lee-Martinez Check Price on Amazon

He is an American fantasy and science fiction author known for his comedic writing style. His stories have unexpected twists, and dark humor.

18 Charles Stross

Atrocity-Archives-Charles-Stross Check Price on Amazon

An award-winning British science fiction author. He’s known for his modern, funny writing style and hard science fiction and space opera blend.

His tales are packed with fantastic concepts, and witty commentary.

19 Robert Asprin

Robert-Asprins-Myth-Adventures Check Price on Amazon

He was best known as the creator of the MythAdventures series.

His work parodies genres like fantasy and science fiction. In the same vein as Sir Pratchett. He has an accessible writing style.

20 Spider Robinson

Time-Travelers-Strictly-Spider-Robinson Check Price on Amazon

An American writer and musician, he’s written books solo and with his wife, Jeanne Robinson. His sci fi features humor and appealing characters.

Looking for more options if you love Pratchett?

Try The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Which Authors Have Been Influential To Terry Pratchett?

Terry Pratchett has cited P.G Wodehouse, Lloyd Alexander, G.K. Chesterson, and Jack Vance, among his many influences. Also, the Punch Magazine.

What Else Do Readers Of Terry Pratchett Read?

Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, and many others.

What Inspired Terry Pratchett To Write Discworld?

When Sir Terry Pratchett invented the Discworld series, he wanted to break away from the limitations of traditional fantasy writing.

He used parody in his works and did something unique. He created a flat world that rides on four elephants standing on a giant turtle.

What Is Terry Pratchett’s Best Book?

According to many readers, the best book by Terry Pratchett is Thief of Time from the Discworld books.

It was shortlisted for the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Which Authors Have Been Influenced By Terry Pratchett?

Many authors admit Terry Pratchett has influenced them. Neil Gaiman (writer of American Gods) is one example.

Hope you love these authors like Terry Pratchett. They have the same humor and creativity that made Terry Pratchett influential.

Authors Like Terry Pratchett
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