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Top 100 Book Blogs, Book Reviewers And Best Book Bloggers To Follow In 2020 – Faves Of Mine & Suggestions From Friends & Wonderful Readers

Just started my new book site, what better way to start than with some inspiration and great reads from very talented people who love literature!

This is only a work in progress. Have I missed any of your favorites?

Tell me what I’m missing, leave a comment below or contact me here!
Any suggestions appreciated!

I’ve divided it into the categories, book blogs, book bloggers and book review blogs, so I can keep track of the sites I find.

Hope you find this useful.

The Top 100 Book Blogs, Book Reviewers And Best Book Bloggers To Follow In 2019 - Faves Of Mine & Suggestions From Friends & Wonderful Readers

Table Of Contents

Book Blogs

The Book Designer by Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander from The Book Designer

About: Joel Friedlander is a writer and publisher with an immense passion for books and reading. His blog, The Book Designer is very well-known. It’s considered an authority on advice for writers and publishers.

The Book Designer

What We Love: He’s managed to create a living for himself by writing and independently publishing. He’s driven to help others do the same. He’s produced several books on the art of publishing.

One of which is The Book Blueprint: Expert Advice for Creating Industry-Standard Print Books. An expert in his field. Joel Friedlander knows his way around the independent publishing industry.

His blog is packed with helpful advice, tips, and tricks.

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Bustle by Bryan Goldberg

Bryan Goldberg from Bustle

About: Bustle is a popular news and informative articles site. They have an extensive collection of posts on books. From book reviews to inspiration to interviews with authors, they have a lot of content.


What We Love: Written by talented writers and an expert editorial team, there is so much content! With coverage on every aspect of books, it’s a bookworm’s reading dream. If you can figure out where to start.

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Book Marketing Tools

Book Marketing Tools Logo

About: Book Marketing Tools is all in a name. Besides to being a successful business, they run a well written and curated blog. Which has posts with information on the publishing industry.

Book Marketing Tools

What We Love: Perfect for advice on the transition from a writer to published author. They also run an excellent podcast called The Author Hangout.

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Electric Literature by Halimah Marcus

Halimah Marcus from Electric Literature

About: Electric Literature is a non-profit literary organization. They seek to shed light on the often unsung heroes of books. They look to combine books and reading with the digital innovations of technology.

Electric Literature

What We Love: Filled with essays and book reviews. This organization knows how to have an exciting site about literature. The fact that the non-profit runs on donations is only another reason to admire their mission.

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Novel Kicks by Laura

Laura from Novel Kicks

About: Laura is a writer, blogger, and confessed bookworm. She started Novel Kicks back in 2009. Laura wanted to create a place for people to connect and share their interest in literature.

Novel Kicks

What We Love: One part of the blog is a Book Club where a book is picked each month. People can choose to read along and discuss the novel. Laura has an excellent writing style, and her posts make for a fascinating read.

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Bookanista Logo

About: Bookanista is a literary e-magazine that was started by Mark Reynolds. He is a copywriter and editor. The site has a focus on content from new, up-and-coming, and established authors.


What We Love: An excellent resource on interesting articles on the written word. They’ve also expanded into poetry and talking about writing. Which is something that any writer would enjoy.

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The Literary Edit by Lucy Pearson

Lucy Pearson from The Literary Edit

About: Lucy is a bookworm with a passion for book festivals and reading as many things as she can. She started her site to keep track of the books she was reading. But it has since evolved into the Literary Edit, stylishness and books combined.

The Literary Edit

What We Love: With a focus on stylishness and flair, this is one exciting book blog. Well written, with an excellent and clean design. Lucy has created a literary site well worth following.

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Yeldah Yousfi by Yeldah Yousfi

Yeldah Yousfi from Yeldah Yousfi

About: Yeldah Yousfi is a freelance writer and blogger from Toronto, Canada. Her blog covers literature, lifestyle, and travel. She blends them all brilliantly, with a focus on visual storytelling.

Yeldah Yousfi

What We Love: It’s a beautiful site, the photography is excellent and on point. Yeldah does have a flair for telling visual stories. The reviews she does are insightful and witty.

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Book Riot by Jeff O Neal

Book Riot Logo

About: Book Riot is a literature website with a focus on the diversity of publications and opinions on them. They’ve been around for a while, and have racked up an incredible amount of articles.

Book Riot

What We Love: Book Riot is enormous, such an impressive and epic range of content. They run a myriad of excellent podcasts, each focusing on a specific genre or a part of the world of literature.

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NYR Daily

NYR Daily Logo

About: The New York Review Of Books is a prestigious and well-known literature newspaper. They cover a wide range of topics in the world of books. The paper has been going since 1963!

NYR Daily

What We Love: NYR is an excellent resource for literature. They’re never afraid to tackle complicated or severe topics. They always do so with sensitivity, knowledge and excellent writers.

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The Amazon Book Review

The Amazon Book Review Logo

About: Run by the giant online store that is Amazon, The Amazon Book Review or Omnivoracious is a book review site. They talk about their favorite books of the year and a wide variety of genres. They also keep track of the awards in the literary world.

The Amazon Book Review

What We Love: A large company backs Omnivoracious. So it would make sense it has masses of high quality, curated content. Great to use for keeping track of what won which award.

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Helping Writers Become Authors by K. M. Weiland

K. M. Weiland from Helping Writers Become Authors

About: K.M. Weiland is an author and blogger who writes fiction books. She has created the website, Helping Writers Become Authors. She writes about all sorts of things to do with writing and reading.

Helping Writers Become Authors

What We Love: Packed with advice and lots of interesting articles. Helping Writers Become Authors is an excellent resource for readers and writers alike.

One thing that makes her stand out is her use of pop culture in her posts, which makes for great content.

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The Horn Book

The Horn Book Logo

About: If you quite like or read children & YA books, and you haven’t heard of The Horn Book, well… You must have been living under a rock for a while now.

The Horn Book has been a leading authority on the Children’s Books niche for years now.

The Horn Book

What We Love: One feature that we like is their opinion pieces, very well written, from a variety of authors. Their magazine is excellent too, available in a print and digital format.

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The Millions by C. Max Magee

C. Max Magee from The Millions

About: C. Max Magee created the Millions. He is a man from the United States, with a passion for literature, arts, and culture. A non-profit magazine, ownership has since been transferred. But the mission and quality remain the same.

The Millions

What We Love: The Millions is a witty, insightful and artsy look at today’s books, arts, and culture. Brilliantly written, driven by an admirable mission, this is a magazine worth reading.

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker Logo

About: Page Turner is the book review and magazine of the New Yorker. Publishes opinion pieces and more on literature. They have many insightful book reviews and more.

The New Yorker

What We Love: There is new content every few days, and their content has a lot of research put into it. The articles are insightful, and often moving and poignant.

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Quill and Quire

Quill and Quire Logo

About: Quill and Quire is a literary magazine, with a focus on children’s and YA books. It’s available in both digital and print format.

They run a successful blog, packed with all sorts of things from Author Q&A’s to book reviews.

Quill and Quire

What We Love: Their book reviews are incredibly insightful and well written. Quill and Quire have an excellent staff of writers. Focusing on the literature scene in Canada.

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From Bee With Love by Bronte Huskinson

Bronte from From Bee With Love

About: Bronte from From Bee With Love, is a writer, creative storyteller, and reader. She’s passionate about feminism, empowerment, and writing.

From Bee With Love

What We Love: She is an incredibly talented person, and her talent and expertise show up on her photography. This is showcased on her Instagram, which is well worth following.

(Note: She moved her brand from Bookish Bronte, her old site is

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Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House Logo

About: Penguin Random House runs the Perch Blog. It keeps you up to date with new releases, authors, books and series associated with the publishing house.

Penguin Random House

What We Love: Packed with content. The highlights are spotlights on emerging authors and the occasional guest post. They have enough book recommendations to keep your reading mind satisfied for ages!

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Under the Covers by Francesca

Under the Covers Logo

About: Reading under the covers when we were supposed to be sleeping. Book lovers, if you’ve been guilty of this once in you’re life, could you raise your hand?

As I expected. Nearly everyone! Under The Covers is a book blog dedicated to the genre Romance.

Under the Covers

What We Love: The book reviews are well written and unbiased, and they’re always honest. The site has a beautiful design, fitting in perfectly with the ethos.

Their book club is worth following if you like that genre of books!

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Modern Mrs Darcy by Anne Bogel

Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs Darcy

About: Modern Mrs. Darcy is the moniker of a writer, blogger and avid reader, Anne. It was the new year, and she was out of ideas, so she started her blog.

A feminist and book lover, she decided to combine both loves on her site.

Modern Mrs Darcy

What We Love: She’s been featured on many authority sites in the booksphere, with good reason. Anne has written several great books on reading with a purpose.

A highlight is her podcast, called What Should I Read Next?

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Story Box Library

Story Box Library Logo

About: Story Box Library is an Australian literary resource designed for classrooms and schools. Their blog collects musings, articles, and thoughts on the written word. With an Australian perspective.

Story Box Library

What We Love: Written with parents and people who work with kids in mind. This blog talks about excellent kids books and authors. They also recommend books and resources for all sorts of situations and ages.

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Ink and Fable by Patience Randle

Patience Randle from Ink and Fable

About: Ink & Fable is a lifestyle and book brand run by a woman called Patience Randle. With a focus on connecting with other creatives and bookworms. She uses visual storytelling as a focus point.

Ink and Fable

What We Love: Patience is an excellent writer, with a style that’s warm, expressive and witty. She’s passionate about writing and reading, which is very evident in her work.

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A Bookish Baker by Helen Redfern

Helen Redfern from A Bookish Baker

About: Helen Redfern, who calls herself the Bookish Baker, is both of those things. She’s also a writer, blogger/vlogger, not only that, she’s a photographer!

Helen has quite a few skills up her sleeves. She combines them all to create her blog.

A Bookish Baker

What We Love: As I’ve mentioned, she’s very talented, and that shows up in her work. Not only does she run a blog, but she also runs a youtube channel and a book club — each of which I recommend, of course.

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Library Journal

Library Journal Logo

About: Library Journal is all in a name, a journal about libraries. But it’s so much more than that. A leading authority on libraries and leading the way in the future for them.

They have all sorts of interesting content on the world of books.

Library Journal

What We Love: They have all sorts of great articles and awards. Celebrating those who get behind libraries and support them. Because we need more people in the world, who are willing to do that.

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BookPage Logo

About: BookPage is a monthly book review magazine based in the United States. They publish special features, author interviews and more on their blog.


What We Love: Independent and unbiased. BookPage has excellent, high-quality reviews and posts about up and coming authors. Their magazine looks excellent, well worth the subscription.

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The New York Times

The New York Times Logo

About: The New York Times, like any high quality and reputable newspaper, has a section on books. Filled with articles and regular columns.

The NY Times covers everything from essays to upcoming releases.

The New York Times

What We Love: Intelligent and reviewed by an expert team of writers and editors. You can always expect excellent content from this large newspaper.

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NewInBooks Logo

About: As you’d expect from their name, NewInBooks is a site dedicated to finding you the best new releases. They cover a wide range of genres and formats of books.

NewInBooks also has interesting interviews with authors.


What We Love: A reliable source of information for the best new novel releases. With lots of information and content of the books in question, you’re sure to find a fantastic new read.

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Rough Ghosts by JM Schreiber

JM Schreiber from Rough Ghosts

About: The Rough Ghost. A restless spirit floating in this realm. At least, that’s the moniker of Joseph Schreiber, a writer, critic, editor and of course, reader. Joseph is an editor for two magazines and blogs.

Rough Ghosts

What We Love: A flowing, almost lyrical style of writing is the highlight of Joesph’s blog, hands down. I’ve read a few of the posts, and they are all well written. The book reviews are brilliant too.

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Book Bloggers

Writing for Kids by Tara Lazar

Tara Lazar from Writing for Kids

About: Tara Lazar is a children’s book author and mother of two. So it would be natural she has a source of inspiration for her stories!

She created her blog to keep track of the little “gems” of the book world that she’s come across.

Writing for Kids

What We Love: An excellent writer, and very supportive of others in her field, Tara has a terrific site. There’s lots of content to read. I particularly like the spotlight on her favorite children’s books and their creators.

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Jane Friedman by Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman from Jade Friedman

About: An expert in the publishing field and all things writing and books, Jane Friedman knows her stuff. She’s been working in her field for over 20 years.

She’s picked up plenty of knowledge and expertise along the way, which she shares on her blog.

Jane Friedman

What We Love: Jane Friedman teaches several courses and workshops. All acclaimed and praised by the people that use them. Her blog has very high-quality content.

Well worth a read for the budding to the professional writer.

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Bibliomaniac by Katherine Sunderland

Katherine Sunderland from Bibliomaniac

About: Katherine Sunderland, is hands-down, a Bibliomaniac. It would make sense why her blog is called that! A lover of many different genres of books. She loves to review and talk about them as much as reading them.


What We Love: Always with consistent quality and effort put into her reviews. She posts opinions on what’s happening in and around the book world.

You can expect a solid recommendation on whether to read a book or not from her!

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The Book Smugglers by Thea James

Thea James from The Book Smugglers

About: Thea and Ana, aka The Book Smugglers, are two women with a severe passion for literature. The name of their blog came from when they were conscious about carrying many books home from the library.

They used large handbags to “smuggle” them to their houses.

The Book Smugglers

What We Love: Their blog is excellent, mixing literature with pop culture, “geekery.” All-around insightful, witty stuff. An attractive and smart site, well worth the read!

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Traveling Book Junkie by Tam and Paul

Tam and Paul

About:Travelling Book Junkie is where a couple, Tam & Paul share their greatest loves, books, and traveling. They’ve been on the road for many years now, and have been to many fabulous places.

Traveling Book Junkie

What We Love: A fun, wonderful site combining books and travel! What’s not to love? In all seriousness, it’s masterfully created and with brilliant photography.

Tam and Paul have themselves a great piece of the internet there.

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The Writes of Woman by Naomi Frisby

Naomi Frisby from The Writes of Woman

About: The Writes Of Women is a celebration of talented women writers from all walks of life, and their work.

A book review and book blog, Naomi Frisby talks about and reads work by the talented women in the writing field.

The Writes of Woman

What We Love: With a focus on celebrating females from different, diverse backgrounds. Naomi Frisby has created a wonderful, supportive community. Her book reviews are honest and well-written.

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Savidge Reads by Simon Savidge

Simon Savidge from Savidge Reads

About: The Bookaholic With a Beard Behind Savidge Reads, or Simon Savidge as he is usually known, loves to read. He attributes the love to his mother and grandmother, who introduced him to reading.

Simon is also a contributor to several magazines.

Savidge Reads

What We Love: A man with a broad interest in a vast scope of books, he knows how to pick out the best ones from a wash of content. A voice of tolerance and celebration, Simon is an excellent writer too.

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Cleopatra Loves Books by Cleo Bannister

Cleo Bannister from Cleopatra Loves Books

About: Cleopatra Loves Books is the alter ego of book reviewer and bookworm Cleo Bannister. Her love of stories began in her earlier childhood.

When she’d be left at the library while her mother did the shopping. Cleo has never stopped reading since.

Cleopatra Loves Books

What We Love: The slogan of her site is “One Reader’s View,” but it’s so much more than that. She often posts, always something interesting to read. It’s “One Reader’s View” worth listening too!

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Lindas Book Bag by Linda Hill

Linda Hill from Lindas Book Bag

About: Linda’s Book Bag. Not a bag of books, but something as good! Linda Hill is a writer, reader and book reviewer who could talk literature all day.

Lindas Book Bag

What We Love: Linda’s blog has been awarded “Best Book Review Blog” several times with good reason. Giving you lots of excellent recommendations from a variety of genres.

There’s a good reason to read what she recommends.

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Kate Vane by Kate Vane

Kate Vane from Kate Vane

About: Kate Vane is a crime fiction author who loves to read, write, and garden. She’s published four novels. Kate has written many short stories that have been collected in various anthologies.

Kate Vane

What We Love: As well as talking about her writing journey and hobbies. She blogs all about books, and her writing on them is fascinating! Her book reviews are great too.

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Chouett by Virginie

Chouett Logo

About: LaChouett is the alias of Virginie, a reader, a photographer and a person who dabbles in writing. LaChouett is a big supporter of diverse voices in popular genres, mainly YA.


What We Love: She reads a wide range of books and is always hungry for a new and interesting read. This wide variety means lots of great blog posts to go through!

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dampebbles by Emma Welton

Emma Welton from dampebbles

About: damppebbles is a crime fiction blog run by Emma Welton, and it is a dream of hers to open a bookshop. If she does, damppebbles would be the name of it, hands down.

She loves to review books, and talk about all things crime fiction.


What We Love: Emma Welton seems a warm, generous soul, cemented by the tone of her writing and the way she reviews books.

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Beadyjans Books by Jan Lambert

Jan Lambert from Beadyjans Books

About: Jan Lambert, aka Beadyjan, loves to read as much as she likes to craft and do beadwork. Her favorite genres to read include historical, literary fiction, thrillers, and suspense.

Beadyjans Books

What We Love: A common feature on her blog is where she features authors and their new releases, on a leg of their “blog tour.” They are always intriguing and worth a read. Her book reviews are well done too.

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Blue Book Balloon by David

Blue Book Balloon Logo

About: David runs Blue Book Balloon, and loves to read, write, and watch crime shows. A big fan of crime and history, he also likes gardening and archeology.

Blue Book Balloon

What We Love: A great book review site to follow, especially if you like historical and crime fiction. You’re sure to get plenty of great recommendations and reading material!

Find Blue Book Balloon On Twitter

Ronnie Turner by Ronnie Turner

Ronnie Turner from Ronnie Turner

About: Ronnie Turner, who is an author and also a book blogger and enthusiastic lover of the written word. She’s a writer of psychological thrillers. Her debut novel was published in October 2018.

Ronnie Turner

What We Love: Great writing, great photography, literature and nature is what drives this blog. It’s a unique and great combination.

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For winter nights by Kate Atherton

Kate Atherton from For winter nights

About: A former movie reviewer, Kate Atherton is now known for her book reviews. She used to focus on archaeology, non-fiction titles. But now does an eclectic mix of historical, sci-fi and thrillers.

For winter nights

What We Love: Very articulate, she knows her literature! Kate may be selective about the titles she reads. But that makes sure she always has a high-quality book recommendation to make when she posts.

Laura Bambrey Books by Laura Bambrey

Laura Bambrey from Laura Bambrey Books

About: Laura Brambrey is a traditional artist and book blogger, who has been doing both for many years. She loves to talk and post about anything literature, from blog tours to reviews.

Laura Bambrey Books

What We Love: Laura is generous with her time and effort when reviewing books. Something that I like is she will often post inspiring quotes for writers and readers. Such an inspirational boost!

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Looking For Abura by Abeer

Abeer from Looking For Abura

About: Abeer is a Filipina woman who is based in Dubai. She’s a lifestyle and book blogger, photographer and writer. Abeer has been running her blog since 2009.

Looking For Abura

What We Love: A confessed geek and lover of Harry Potter, she loves losing herself in a book for hours. Then coming out and sharing it with the world, accompanied by incredible photography.

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theguywiththebook by Faroukh Naseem

theguywiththebook Logo

About: Faroukh Naseem is a Saudi Arabian book lover. Who combines his love of books, the literature world and traveling on his blog.


What We Love: Faroukh has a large and dedicated audience, which he very much deserves! Be sure to follow his Instagram for amazing photos and ideas for your next read.

Find theguywiththebook On Facebook | Instagram

The Book Satchel by Resh Susan

Resh Susan from The Book Satchel

About: Many people who have an interest in books start at a very young age. Resh Susan was one of them. Unlike others, she started reading the classics before she was a teenager!

Today, she runs her book blog, The Book Satchel.

The Book Satchel

What We Love: Resh reads a very diverse amount of books, from all sorts of genres. Her recommendations will cause you to step out of your reading comfort zone and find a new beloved read.

Her Bookstagram is very creative.

Find The Book Satchel On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bag Full Of Books by Arpita Bhattacharya

Arpita Bhattacharya from Bag Full Of Books

About: An avid traveler, Arpita Bhattacharya has traveled to and lived in several countries. But at the moment she is happy living in India, traveling the world through books.

Bag Full Of Books

What We Love: Her reviews are insightful and philosophical. A lover of the classics, Arpita has read an extraordinary amount of books! She has a daughter, so she has a selection of children’s books reviews too.

Find Bag Full Of Books On Facebook | Instagram

Jess Hearts Books by Jess

Jess from Jess Hearts Books

About: Jess is a young English woman who loves animals, Netflix and animals. Almost as much as she enjoys reading and writing. She reviews YA, Romance, Fantasy and other genres.

Jess Hearts Books

What We Love: For an honest, fun and enjoyable book review on many favorite books for younger people. Look no further than Jess. Her website design and ethos fits perfectly together.

Find Jess Hearts Books On Twitter | YouTube

EllesBellesNotebook by Ellie Pilcher

Ellie Pilcher from EllesBellesNotebook

About: Ellie is a writer and reader who works in publishing, as her passion lies in literature. A freelance writer on the side. She has written for many publications and many different topics.


What We Love: Her writing is intelligent, and with a thirst for knowledge. his is one blog you will learn something from! Oh, and some excellent book recommendations too.

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Sassenach Stories by Joanne Balharrie

Sassenach Stories Logo

About: An undergraduate student studying English Literature and Publishing. It would make sense Joanne Balharrie loves books! Based in the UK, she reviews and talks about novels in her spare time.

Sassenach Stories

What We Love: She’s reviewed a massive range of books, from the undiscovered to the popular classics. Two reviews are posted each month, meaning you’ll have something enjoyable to read.

Find Sassenach Stories On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bookworm by Jen

Bookworm Logo

About: Jen is a complete bookworm, hence the name of her blog! She enjoys reading gothic and dark books, but will never hesitate to try a lighter read.


What We Love: She doesn’t only talk about reading. She’ll speak about film and writing too. The mix is a great one. She’s compiled a list of helpful and free literary and book resources. Which is excellent.

Find Bookworm On Twitter

From First Page to Last

About: From First Page To Last is a website dedicated to the love of spending hours reading. Also celebrating everything to do that goes into and is centered around literature.

From First Page to Last

What We Love:A creative and excellent space for everything books, this blog is worth checking out! Plenty of reviews on books for kids too, as a bonus.

A Daydreamers Thoughts by Faye

Faye from A Daydreamers Thoughts

About: Faye is passionate on many different topics. So her blog, A Daydreamer’s Thoughts, reflect that. She hosts blog tours, Q&A’s, interviews, and much more.

A Daydreamers Thoughts

What We Love: She posts very often, always another post to look forward to. Faye is a talented writer, with a style that’s easy and enjoyable to read.

Find A Daydreamers Thoughts On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

NYC Book Girl by Morgan Hoit

Morgan Hoit from NYC Book Girl

About: A book lover living in New York, Morgan Hoit’s blog lives up to its name! She loves all things NYC and literature, combining books and city life in her site.

NYC Book Girl

What We Love: Her site has a wonderful look, clean, minimalistic and some great colors! The photos are professional, exuding a familiar warmth. Her writing is warm and friendly.

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A Brighter Shade Of Hope by Amanda

A Brighter Shade Of Hope Logo

About: A brighter shade of hope is a book and personal growth blog run by Amanda. She loves to interact with authors and readers. Amanda runs her blog to keep the communication open and exciting.

A Brighter Shade Of Hope

What We Love: Mixing lifestyle, music, and literature, with the chance post on movies. Amanda has created a winning mix for a great blog.

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John Pistelli by John Pistelli

John Pistelli from John Pistelli

About: John Pistelli is a writer and teacher with a degree in English Literature. He teaches courses on culture and English. In his spare time, he reviews and discusses books.

John Pistelli

What We Love: Intelligent, philosophical and well written, John’s reviews are excellent. His insights are astute and thought-provoking, which makes for a great read.

Books Tell You Why

Books Tell You Why Logo

About: Conserving and talking about legendary books/authors of old is the primary interest of Books That Tell You Why. If you love the classics, this is a great site to visit.

Books Tell You Why

What We Love: This blog is perfect for keeping up to date and learning about all the literary prizes. They also have all sorts of interesting reads on the world of literature.

Find Books Tell You Why On Facebook | Twitter

Book Review Blogs, Sites & Book Reviewers

Hey Kymmie by Kymmie

Kymmie from Hey Kymmie

About: Kymmie is a long time book blogger. Before she stumbled on that career, she was a creative planner Instagrammer.

Hey Kymmie

What We Love: The blog has a beautiful look, fitting in very well with her personality and ethos. She seems friendly and bubbly. Kymmie’s blog is perfect for fans of ChickLit, romance, and YA.

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Crime Review

Crime Review Logo

About: As the title would suggest, this site has everything to do with the world of crime literature. The two editors, Linda Wilson, and Sharon Wheeler work with a variety of reviewers to bring the site to life.

Crime Review

What We Love: Plenty of reviews to be found on crime stories! All excellent, high quality and well written. Perfect for deciding if you want to read the bestseller that everyone’s talking about or not.

Find Crime Review On Twitter

Kirkus Reviews by Marc Winkelman

Kirkus Reviews Logo

About: Kirkus Reviews is an authority in the world of independent book reviews for over 85 years. They offer a wide variety of services for those in the literature world.

Kirkus Reviews

What We Love: Running for that long, they have got their stuff down when it comes to an excellent review! The podcast is well worth checking out. They also review a variety of self-published books, which is great.

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The Last Reader by Kathleen

Kathleen from The Last Reader

About: Kath is a Filipina currently living in Germany. She loves to talk about all things bookish. She’s very active in the literature blogging community.

The Last Reader

What We Love: She’ll sometimes do book hauls and unboxings of book subscription boxes. It’s always interesting to see what’s inside. The photography on her blog is amazing.

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booksfemme by Femke

Femke from booksfemme

About: Femke is a young student who lives in The Netherlands. She blogs about books, movies and lots of her favorite media.


What We Love: Something that I never often see is a bilingual blog! Hers is in English and Dutch. She gives a behind the scene look at book reviews, along with some beautiful photography.

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Story Mummy by Ilham Alam

Ilham Alam from Story Mummy

About: Ilham Alam is mother and storyteller. As of the time of writing, she has released her first picture book, Wonder Walk. She’s been a writer for many years.

Story Mummy

What We Love: The blog talks about family life, travel, and reviews on children’s books. There’s sure to be something you find interesting on her site!

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Page To Stage Reviews by Zarina

Zarina from Page To Stage Reviews

About: Zarina is a Dutch woman who is based in London. She’s an editor by trade, and she also runs her lifestyle blog, on books, theatre, and life in London town.

Page To Stage Reviews

What We Love: Her coverage of theatre and musings on it is excellent. Zarina’ll often tie books and theatre together in her posts. Makes for a fascinating blog!

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Never Imitate by Jackie Law

Jackie Law from Never Imitate

About: Jackie Law is a writer, review, and proud wife and mother. Her blog transcends category label. She talks about a variety of different topics. Hence the tagline, “Trying to avoid society’s pigeonholes.”

Never Imitate

What We Love: She writes some great articles and new reviews. There’s thoughtful posts and takes on a variety of topics, not only books.

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PageTurnersNook by Laura Turner

About: Laura Turner is a long-time book blogger, having reviewed stories for many years. On her blog, she offers reviews, author interviews, and blog tours.


What We Love: Always hungry for the next read, she is well read! She does all sorts of genres and novels. Plenty of ideas for your next read and stepping out of your comfort zone!

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Bloomin Brilliant Books

About: This is a site dedicated to everything literature and bookish. They have so much interesting content, and they shine a spotlight on independent and upcoming authors.

Bloomin Brilliant Books

What We Love: As according to their title, they only review Brilliant Books, and that is true! They’ve got some great recommendations and reviews up their sleeves. Worth reading.

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Jen Meds Book Reviews by Jen Lucas

Jen Lucas from Jen Meds Book Reviews

About: Jen Lucas has a degree in literature, so it would make sense it’s something she’s very passionate about. She loves crime fiction and thrillers but isn’t afraid to branch out into other genres.

Jen Meds Book Reviews

What We Love: She posts interesting reviews, articles, and all sorts of bookish and lifestyle things. There’s a lot of well-written content, so worth a look around.

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Harrys Book Club by Harriet Mumford

Harriet Mumford from Harrys Book Club

About: Harry’s Book Club is a bookish blog run by an equally bookish man. A fan of memoirs, crime, and thrillers, the books Harry reviews touch on more serious aspects of life. Something we could all do with once in a while.

Harrys Book Club

What We Love: Something that he does is publishes a list of things on his to read list. It’s always interesting to see what he has. You might find another slew of recommendations to put on yours too!

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Rachels Random Reads by Rachel Gilbey

Rachel Gilbey from Rachels Random Reads

About: Rachel has been running her blog for a few years now. She loves to read anything good quality she can get her hands on! She also runs another business, providing resources and promotional services for authors.

Rachel Random Reads

What We Love: The blog covers all sorts of modern genres and bestsellers. As well as indie books from up and coming authors. Rachel writes very well and is very insightful in her reviews.

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The Book Review Café by Lorraine

About: Lorraine is a book and coffee lover, which very much inspired the name of her blog. A busy woman with a hectic schedule. She balances her work, reviewing books and reading, her favorite thing in the world.

The Book Review Café

What We Love: Lorraine’s blog has a unique feature called a day with an author. She has a very interesting interview with a variety of voices in the world of literature.

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Halfman Halfbook by Paul Cheney

Halfman Halfbook Logo

About: Halfman, Halfbook. Most likely an ideal fusion in the mind of the creator behind the blog, Paul Cheney. He is a non-fiction review columnist for a magazine.

Halfman Halfbook

What We Love: A lover of all types of books, his predominant interest is non-fiction. It’s an interesting take that few bloggers do. So if you like non-fiction, definitely worth following.

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mychestnutreadingtree by Jo

Jo from mychestnutreadingtree

About: My Chestnut Reading Tree is a book review site focusing on crime and thrillers. Jo is a busy woman with a full life, but she always makes time and space for the thing she loves doing most. Reading.


What We Love: Though her blog is usually classified as a crime fiction review blog, she also does the occasional women’s fiction story. She has excellent, warm, humorous writing.

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My Reading Corner by Karen Dennise

About: Karen has been reading ever since she was a child. Her tastes are quite varied. She reads and enjoys a variety of genres. She has a full-time job, but she says she has a long commute, so plenty of time for reading!

My Reading Corner

What We Love: The site has a very nice, clean, minimalistic design. It keeps the focus on her well-written reviews. Well worth a look if you enjoy mystery!

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ofselfandshelf by Anne O Neill

Anne O Neill from ofselfandshelf

About: Anne O’ Neill is an Irish intellectual, with a love of all things literature. She writes for the Irish Times, about literature, life, and philosophy. Her blog covers the same topics, with a few book reviews.


What We Love: She’s a thoughtful and intelligent woman, writing interesting blog posts. An excellent slew of non-fiction book recommendations on there.

If you ever get your hands on a copy of the Irish Times, find her articles and read them!

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Dickens Does Books by Louise Dickens

Louise Dickens from Dickens Does Books

About: Louise Dickens is immersed in the world of books and writing. Her career and hobbies are focused around it. She wishes she shared ancestry with Dickens himself, but it’s yet to be confirmed.

Dickens Does Books

What We Love: Her site has a beautiful design, and her Instagram photos are great if you like bookstagrams! She does all sorts of books and genres.

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Make Walk Read by Fi Cooper

Fi Cooper from Make Walk Read

About: A potter, knitter, and a reader, Fi Cooper lives in a beautiful town with her family. She spends some time enjoying her hobbies as much as she can.

Make Walk Read

What We Love: She prefers crime, mystery, spooky, historical, and non-fiction stories. But will read anything she enjoys. A very nice looking website!

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Davids Book World by David Hebblethwaite

David Hebblethwaite from Davids Book World

About: David Hebblethwaite is a full-time writer and book reviewer. His reviews have been published in a variety of publications including his website.

Davids Book World

What We Love: He hosts blog tours and author Q&As as well as doing his book recommendations and reviews. Well worth a read!

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The Little Reader Library by Lindsay Healy

Lindsay Healy from The Little Reader Library

About: Lindsay loves to read all sorts of books, across all kinds of genres. Always hungry for a new read, her tastes are as broad as her reading habits.

The Little Reader Library

What We Love: Lindsay has read as many classics as modern ones, and her writing is fascinating to read. Intellectual and well versed in many writing styles, she offers a unique perspective.

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Pull Down The Moon by Sandra Nimako-Boatey

Sandra Nimako-Boatey from Pull Down The Moon

About: Sandra Nimako-Boatey is a young booktuber, blogger and writer who’s from London. As well as writing and talking about literature, she covers travel, skincare & beauty, and other topics.

Pull Down The Moon

What We Love: Sandra’s blog is excellent, as are all the videos on her channel. As of 2018, she conducts all her book reviews on her youtube channel. But you can still read her older reviews on her blog.

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Short Book and Scribes by Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith from Short Book and Scribes

About: Nicola used to review every book she read on Amazon, but she wanted them all in one place to keep them organized. Little did she know what her blog would grow into!

Along with her site, she contributes to several other publications.

Short Book and Scribes

What We Love: There’s so much interesting content on there it’s hard to know where to start. She writes all sorts of posts, with different formats. Her interviews with authors are excellent.

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Books with Jane by Jane Evans

Jane Evans from Books with Jane

About: Jane, the writer of Books with Jane, works in publishing and reviews books on the side. She’s passionate about literature and giving spotlight to books she loves.

Books with Jane

What We Love: She writes very professional reviews. They’re always well written with plenty of thought put into them. Worth reading for sure!

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Foreword Reviews

Foreword Reviews Logo

About: Foreword Reviews has been running since 1998. The company has done nothing but trailblaze in the literature industry. With years of experience, they know what they’re doing when it comes to literature.

Foreword Reviews

What We Love: With a focus on indie and diverse books, they bring light to underrated but fantastic stories. A talented team writes their reviews.

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NPR Logo

About: NPR is a literary non-profit. They specialize in podcasts on a variety of topics, which are popular among millions. They strive to tell the stories that matter, and to help create an informed, educated public.


What We Love: Their podcasts are very diverse and exciting, well worth a listen. They publish new content and book reviews almost every day, so always something new to read.

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Shelf Awareness by Jenn Risko and John Mutter

About: Shelf Awareness is a free e-newsletter published weekly. It focuses on the book industry and happens in and around it. They also publish a twice weekly newsletter dedicated to the best new releases.

Shelf Awareness

What We Love: Their newsletters are packed full of interesting content. Something to look forward to in your inbox! They’ve been going for more than ten years.

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Shellys Book Corner by Richelle

About: A lover of diverse books and many different genres. Richelle aka Shelly, as she’s more well-known, says she’s a lifelong reader. Once she obtained her library card, nothing was stopping her.

Shellys Book Corner

What We Love: She’s an advocate for the inclusion of people from minorities in stories. Shelly loves to see books that have diverse characters. Those were the stories she would’ve loved to have when she was younger.

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Romance Rehab by Jennifer

Romance Rehab Logo

About: Romance. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a very popular genre. Jennifer, the blogger, loves it. She does her best to break down the stereotypes and show the best sides of romance.

Romance Rehab

What We Love: Jennifer is an excellent writer and has many thoughtful, well-written reviews. The site has many essays on the genre, which make for a good read, and may open your mind a bit.

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From Cover To Cover by Katelyn Dickinson

Katelyn Dickinson from From Cover To Cover

About: A lover of YA and Fantasy, but she always encourages herself to read other genres. Katelyn works full time, but she still finds time to do her favorite thing in the world. Learning and sharing her thoughts with others.

From Cover To Cover

What We Love: An excellent collection of posts on a variety of topics, there’s a lot of content to read! She also posts monthly unboxings, containing a book and several unique bookish items.

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Books and Beyond Reviews

Books and Beyond Reviews Logo

About: Books and Beyond Reviews has all sorts of bookish content. They review a considerable lot of different books and stories, which is always great to see.

Books and Beyond Reviews

What We Love: One feature I like is where they have a weekly post series called Friday Face-Off. It’s where they choose a book, and find all the cover variations over the years, and rank them. It’s interesting to see all the different designs!

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Confessions of a Literary Addict

About: Confessions of a Literary Addict is run by a young woman who goes by Nova. She is an avid cosplayer, nerd, and literature addict. She talks about all sorts of interesting topics, not only books.

Confessions of a Literary Addict

What We Love: Her writing style is warm and funny. I enjoy reading it a lot. There are all sorts of content to read. She doesn’t update her blog very often, though.

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Reads All The Books by Malissa Coy

Malissa Coy from Reads All The Books

About: Malissa Coy is a book reviewer with a wide range of tastes. An avid reader of all sorts of children’s books, from middle grade to new adult. She also enjoys mysteries and paranormal romance.

Reads All The Books

What We Love: Malissa is a huge fangirl and enjoys a lot of different media. Her style is eclectic, witty, warm, and funny. She also does cover reveals, Q&As, and much more.

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FLYeF by

FLYeF Logo

About: Flyef is a bookish site that talks about everything YA Books, (Young Adult.) They have been going for a while now, and their posts are well written.


What We Love: They host monthly giveaways of a collection of books that anyone can enter. Worth it if you like the kind of books that they review.

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TotallyBookedBlog by Gitte and Jenny

About: Totally Booked blog is run by two romance fanatics, Gitte and Jenny. Focusing on reviewing books from the romance genre. This site has so much great written content!


What We Love: The site is very well designed, and the theme is clean and nice. It fits perfectly with the feel of the website! Their reviews are professional, insightful, and witty.

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Dublin Review of Books

Dublin Review of Books Logo

About: This newspaper focuses on Irish and international issues, literature, arts, and culture. They publish news, essays, insight into the book industry, and of course, reviews.

Dublin Review of Books

What We Love: There’s guaranteed to be a wash of intelligent, insightful content. With a long list of incredible contributors. They don’t shy away from serious topics and always handle them with respect.

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Stacked Books by Kimberly Francisco

Kimberly Francisco from Stacked Books

About: Kelly and Kimberly, the founders of Stacked Books, work in the industry. So their lives are literature! Kelly works at Book Riot, a large literature company, and Kimberly is a youth librarian.

Stacked Books

What We Love: The site is clean and professional and has a great design! They focus on YA books and everything to do with that. They’re both excellent writers and reviewers

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The Perpetual Page Turner by Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller from The Perpetual Page Turner

About: The Perpetual Page Turner. What a great name for a book blog! This site is run by Jamie, who mixes lifestyle, motherhood, and beauty in with her main passion, reading.

The Perpetual Page Turner

What We Love: Jamie’s writing is touching and thoughtful, well worth a read. Her site has a beautiful, pretty design that fits well with her ethos. An excellent blog and her personality shines through it.

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Rhapsody in Books Weblog by Jill and Jim

About: Jill and Jim are a husband and wife team who share a fascination for politics, history, and literature. Both are intellectuals with several college degrees. The blog combines all their interests.

Rhapsody in Books Weblog

What We Love: Their writing is excellent and well thought out, they’re knowledgeable people! They prefer to review non-fiction. But will sometimes do other fictional genres and children’s books.

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Well there you go! Plenty of bookish blogs to inspire your next read.

Hopefully, you found some new favorites to add to your list. Let me know if you did! Please share your favorites by leaving a comment below.

I’d love to hear them!

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    • Hi Warren! Wow really? Yeah I checked it out, and their podcasts are very interesting! So much range in what you can listen to. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Thank you Maddison! Cool to see you read crime, most of it’s a bit scary for me. 🙂 I’ve added the site to the list, thanks!

    • Hey thanks for getting in touch! Why thank you, glad the post helped. Oh and sure! I checked it out and it’s great! Definitely on the list.


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