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Welcome, book lover! We’re here to lead you down the path of new book discovery and share our favorite reads. We’re passionate about good books and uplifting diverse voices and characters.

We adore science fiction, fantasy, and young adult, and those book genres are what this site focuses on.

Why Does This Site Exist?

There are a million books out there waiting for you. The variety is immense, but it’s intimidating! There are too many not worth the time. So how do you make reading pleasurable again?

To say we enjoy reading is an understatement. We put popular novels together with lesser-known others you’ll love. Hooray for better reading!

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Of course! We’d be happy to hear from you. Tell us about your latest read! We’re always on the lookout for something new. If you have a blogger or resource we should feature, let us know at contact@roadlessread.com.

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