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Top 100 Poetry Blogs, Websites & Best Poetry Bloggers To Follow

I have a confession. I’ve always loved poetry, and writing it, but… I’m no poet. I require “inspiration” to write poetry. It doesn’t come often. Unfortunately.

To help me find inspiration, and find people who write poetry well… I created this list.

I’ve collected my favorites, suggestions from friends and others, but I’d like your help! Do you read poetry? If so comment, we have a lot to talk about 😀

If you know some great poetry blogs that deserve some love, or some favorites I and others should know about, hit that comment button! I need to see these talented poets. Or get in touch with me here.

I’ve divided it up into Poetry Sites, Poetry Blogs & Poetry Bloggers to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Enjoy. Fingers crossed you’ll find some poetry that resonates with you.

Poetry Blogs Feat Img

Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation Logo

About: The Poetry Foundation is a literary non-profit. They run the oldest English language verse magazine in the world, Poetry Magzine. They work to showcase and raise awareness for the best poetry and poets.

Poetry Foundation

What We Love: This is by far the largest and oldest prose organization, and with it comes decades of experience. Their site is full to the brim of incredibly written pieces. Dig around to see what you can find.

Find Poetry Foundation On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Write Out Loud

About: Write Out Loud has been going since 2005, and they aren’t only a website. They’re a community of people brought together by their love of the written word.

They work to bring poetry lovers together and foster an appreciation for it on the broader public.

Write Out Loud

What We Love: A unique feature of theirs is what they call a gig guide. One of the most comprehensive databases of poetry events in the USA and worldwide. A handy resource!

Find Write Out Loud On Facebook | Twitter

The Poetry Project

The Poetry Project Logo

About: Beginning with something as simple as weekly poetry meetings in New York in the ’60s, it would be hard for the founders to imagine what it had become today.

From just a few friends meeting to an online newsletter and international influence on poetry.

The Poetry Project

What We Love: The Poetry Project has an extensive list of programs and events they run, well worth looking into if you live in the US. Even if you don’t, a subscription to their literary magazine, The Recluse, is a must.

Find The Poetry Project On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Incorporations Poetry by Deborah Kennedy

Deborah Kennedy from Incorporations Poetry

About: Incorporations Poetry began when the blogger, Deborah Kennedy, resigned when she resigned from her work in the finance industry. She did this to focus on her true passion finally, art.

Incorporations Poetry

What We Love: Deborah is passionate about arts and all forms of it, with a particular interest in the written word. She’s founded several community art spaces.

Deborah works to expose talented poets and artists to the world.

Frontier Poetry by Josh Roark

Frontier Poetry Logo

About: This organization started with a simple mission. To give voices to emerging, talented and underrated poets. That is exactly what they do, encouraging people to aim higher and discover their incredible talent.

Frontier Poetry

What We Love: A site with a wonderful design to match their excellent ethos. It keeps the focus on the star of the show, the written works. They have a yearly poetry contest, along with a magazine you can submit your poems too.

Find Frontier Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

The Best American Poetry by David Lehman

David Lehman from The Best American Poetry

About: All in a name. Accurately as it says, they showcase the best American poetry from the here and now. But they’re more than that.

The Best American Poetry

What We Love: Along with showcasing submissions, they handpick and write essays and other exciting content. There are all sorts of things, on a wide variety of topics.

Find The Best American Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

Magma Poetry

Magma Poetry Logo

About: Magma Poetry is a monthly magazine based in the UK. Each issue has a particular theme. There’s a mix of handpicked and submitted poems reflecting that.

Magma Poetry

What We Love: They strive to showcase some of the best contemporary poetry, and wow, do they succeed! The poetry is always beautiful, full of emotion and depth. It’s available in both print and digital format.

Find Magma Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

Free Minds Book Club by Tara Libert

Tara Libert fro  Free Minds Book Club

About: Free Minds might seem like another ordinary book club and writing organization. But look deeper. They work with young inmates all across the US. Inspiring them and helping them discover their creative talent.

Free Minds Book Club

What We Love: With such a noble and worthy quest, it’s hard not to admire the dedicated people behind this. On their poetry blog, they publish works by the inmates. There’s some raw talent in those poems.

Find Free Minds Book Club On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Savage Love Poetry

About: Savage Love Poetry. A perfect name for a blog that focuses on the almost equal human powers of creation and destruction. Emotional, physical, societal. We’re all flawed, and the theme of the poetry is precisely that.

Savage Love Poetry

What We Love: Run by two anonymous contributors, all their poems are their own. There’s a raw, lyrical, bittersweet feel to all the works on there. Beautiful, stirring stuff.

Poems and Poetry by Guy Farmer

Guy Farmer from Poems and Poetry

About: Right from the start, it should be evident as what this blog is about. Showcasing some of the best poetry, of course! Run by poet Guy Farmer, the theme of the prose selected is on the human condition.

Poems and Poetry

What We Love: Though no longer accepting submissions, still very worth a read. For even more content, go to the sites of the featured poets or Guy Farmer’s website.

Find Poems and Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

Poets and Writers

Poets and Writers Logo

About: A non-profit dedicated to serving those in the writing and poetry community, they’ve been around since 1970. They run several programs to achieve this, including a magazine and much more.

Poets and Writers

What We Love: They run so many great initiatives for literary people it’s hard to know where to start! They have a great magazine, a podcast, and run several distinguished prizes. Oh, and great for reading some incredible work, too.

Find Poets and Writers On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

How a Poem Happens by Brian Brodeur

Brian Brodeur from How a Poem Happens

About: Brian Brodeur is a poet and reviewer. But his blog is by no means a blog where he drops new poetry once in a while. He sits down with talented writers, to interview them, and talk all things poetry.

How a Poem Happens

What We Love: It’s a fascinating angle to take with a poetry blog, and it’s very well done! He asks articulate and thoughtful questions and provides insight on how poetry is created.

Find How a Poem Happens On Twitter

At Grain By Oshane Levy

About: Oshane Levy is Jamaican born but now lives in the US. In a sense, he lives between cultures, giving him a unique perspective. He puts this into his poetry, which blurs the line between dreams and reality.

At Grain

What We Love: Talking in the themes of love, loss and wild fantasies, Oshane never shies away from the hard subjects. His poetry reminds me of lucid dreaming, it feels so real you can almost see it, but it’s not there.

Poets United

Poets United Logo

About: Poets United is a place for poets with blogs to unite. To share their blogs and content, interact with others, and be united by a love of poetry.

Poets United

What We Love: There is so much fantastic content on that site, it’s incredible! The community is vibrant and full of exciting and talented people. Very well worth a read.

Find Poets United On Facebook | Twitter

South Broadway Ghost Society by Brice Maiurro

Brice Maiurro from South Broadway Ghost Society

About: South Broadway Ghost Society isn’t a paranormal activity club, but rather a poetry society and literary journal. They seek to bring the best poets in the New York area to light.

South Broadway Ghost Society

What We Love: The poems are very emotive, often dark and incredibly deep. A multitude of people contribute poems. They have a list of poetry outlets looking for submissions from poets. A great resource!

Find South Broadway Ghost Society On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The War is Over by Samuel Pye

Samuel Pye from The War is Over

About: The War Is Over is a site by the author and poet Samuel Pye, and it’s unique among these blogs. It’s a series of poetry telling a story about a future world in the year 2086.

Enormous technological leaps have been made in this future fictional world, and his poems tell the story of this place.

The War Is Over

What We Love: Lyrical rhyming and the use of very descriptive language define his poems. Even in such few words in his short works, he paints a vivid and colorful picture of the world he’s created.

Almost a reflection of our earth and what could happen.

Find The War is Over On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

PoemShape by Patrick Gillespie

Patrick Gillespie from PoemShape

About: Focusing on Haiku and fables, Patrick Gillespie is a carpenter by trade, but a poet and avid sports fan. His poems are often accompanied by the imagery of block prints, which his wife makes.

He’s self-published a book of his poetry, called Opening Book.

What We Love: The combination of his wife’s art fits in very well with his poetry and adds to the atmosphere. He also writes criticism and analysis of poetry and other written fiction, with an interesting and analytical tone.

Alcoholic Poet

Acoholic Poet Logo

About: Alcoholic Poet tackles the serious and lighthearted subjects we can all appreciate as part of the human condition.

They use mysterious metaphors and allude to themes with different ways of describing it, while you still get the underlying feel.

Alcoholic Poet

What We Love: Free verse and an almost sporadic type of writing, the sentences are in short bursts, though they pack a powerful punch. Very descriptive and invoking powerful imagery; this is a poet of real skill.

Find Alcoholic Poet On Facebook | Twitter

Barbara Jane Reyes by Barbara Jane Reyes

Barbara Jane Reyes from Barbara Jane Reyes

About: Barbara Jane Reyes is an author and poet of many literary works, from lengthy novels to short story collections. Of course, poetry books as well.

Originally from the Philippines, she writes drawing inspiration from her unique life experience. Barbara is a Professor at San Francisco University of the Philippines Studies program.

Barbara Jane Reyes

What We Love: Her poems, like her writing, are lyrical, descriptive, and insightful. She also publishes book reviews and talks about different forms of prose, and how they inspire her. Very interesting.

Find Barbara Jane Reyes On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Blogalicious by Diane Lockward

Diane Lockward from Blogalicious

About: Diane Lockwood has been in the publishing sector for years and has been writing poetry for a long time. She’s published several poetry books and has participated in many anthologies.

Diane is the editor of several poetry magazines and websites and owns a publishing house.


What We Love: She writes essays and excellent, insightful prose, very well worth a read.

Find Blogalicious On Facebook | Twitter

Meghas Word by Megha Rani

Megha Rani from Meghas World

About: Meghas Word

Meghas World

What We Love:

Find Meghas Word On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Smoke Words Every Day by Rahul Gaur

Smoke Words Every Day Logo

About: Smoke Words Every Day

Smoke Words Every Day

What We Love:

Find Smoke Words Every Day On Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Meta Phore Play by Michael Dickel

Michael Dickel from Meta Phore Play

About: Meta Phore Play

Meta Phore Play

What We Love:

Find Meta Phore Play On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Confessions Of A Laundry Goddess by Susie Clevenger

Susie Clevenger from Confessions Of A Laundry Goddess

About: Confessions Of A Laundry Goddess

Confessions Of A Laundry Goddess

What We Love:

Find Confessions Of A Laundry Goddess On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality by Nichole

Nichole from Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality

About: Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality

Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality

What We Love:

Find Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality On Instagram | Pinterest

A few words by Chloe LeBoeuf

Chloe LeBoeuf from A few words

About: A few words

A few words

What We Love:

Find A few words On Facebook | TInstagram

Invictum Poetry by McCullough

About: Invictum Poetry

Invictum Poetry

What We Love:

Find Invictum Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

The Poetic Quill by Dillon O Gara

The Poetic Quill Logo

About: The Poetic Quill

The Poetic Quill

What We Love:

Find The Poetic Quill On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Dating A Poet by Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright from Dating a Poet

About: Dating A Poet

Dating A Poet

What We Love:

Find Dating A Poet On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Worldly Winds by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Alexandra Carr-Malcolm from Worldly Winds

About: Worldly Winds

Worldly Winds

What We Love:

Find Worldly Winds On Facebook | Twitter

Life In Technicolor by Madhavi

Madhavi from Life In Technicolor

About: Life In Technicolor

Life In Technicolor

What We Love:

Find Life In Technicolor On Twitter | Instagram

Provoke Emotion by David Lucy

About: Provoke Emotion

Provoke Emotion

theClosureSessions by Orion Thomas

About: theClosureSessions


AG Leyden by Andrew G Leyden

About: AG Leyden

AG Leyden

What We Love:

Find AG Leyden On Twitter

Joy Leftows Poetry Blog by Joy Leftow

Joy Leftow from Joy Leftows Poetry Blog

About: Joy Leftows Poetry Blog

Joy Leftows Poetry Blog

What We Love:

Find Joy Leftows Poetry Blog On Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Vihang A Naik by Vihang A Naik

Vihang A Naik from Vihang A Naik

About: Vihang A Naik

Vihang A Naik

What We Love:

Find Vihang A Naik On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Another Porch by Janet Martin

Janet Martin from Another Porch

About: Another Porch

Another Porch

Alfans Poetry Corner by Alfani Ndayishimiye

About: Alfans Poetry Corner

Alfans Poetry Corner

What We Love:

Find Alfans Poetry Corner On Instagram

HG Poetics by Henry Gould

About: HG Poetics

HG Poetics

Poetry and Miscellaneous Yap by Michael O Dea

About: Poetry and Miscellaneous Yap

Poetry and Miscellaneous Yap

Eat This Poem by Nicole Gulotta

Nicole Gulotta from Eat This Poem

About: Eat This Poem

Eat This Poem

What We Love:

Find Eat This Poem On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Goose Poetry by Martin Agorh

Martin Agorh from Goose Poetry

About: Goose Poetry

Goose Poetry

What We Love:

Find Goose Poetry On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Motivation Effect by Winfred Mathenge

Motivation Effect Logo

About: Motivation Effect

Motivation Effect

What We Love:

Find Motivation Effect On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

GidiGirl by Misan Bel

Misan Bel from GidiGirl

About: GidiGirl


What We Love:

Find GidiGirl On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Language Like Medicine by Ann Kestner

Ann Kestner from Language Like Medicine

About: Language Like Medicine

Language Like Medicine

What We Love:

Find Language Like Medicine On Facebook | Instagram

Earnestly Yours, Kim by Kim

About: Earnestly Yours, Kim

Earnestly Yours, Kim

What We Love:

Find Earnestly Yours, Kim On Twitter | Instagram

Inkked Solace

Inkked Solace Logo

About: Inkked Solace

Inkked Solace

Wild About Poetry by Mary Robinson

About: Wild About Poetry

Wild About Poetry

The Poetry Shed by Abegail Morley

Abegail Morley from The Poetry Shed

About: The Poetry Shed

The Poetry Shed

What We Love:

Find The Poetry Shed On Twitter

Seth Abramson by Seth Abramson

Seth Abramson from Seth Abramson

About: Seth Abramson

Seth Abramson

What We Love:

Find Seth Abramson On Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Something Katy by Katy Acheson

Something Katy Logo

About: Something Katy

Something Katy

What We Love:

Find Something Katy On Twitter

Knocking From Inside by Tiel Aisha Ansari

About: Knocking From Inside

Knocking From Inside

The Friday Influence by José Angel Araguz

José Angel Araguz from The Friday Influence

About: The Friday Influence

The Friday Influence

What We Love:

Find The Friday Influence On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Archetype by Michelle Rene Arch

Michelle Rene Arch from Archetype

About: Archetype


What We Love:

Find Archetype On Facebook

Bartholomew Barker, Poet by Bartholomew Barker

Bartholomew Barker from Bartholomew Barker Poet

About: Bartholomew Barker, Poet

Bartholomew Barker Poet

What We Love:

Find Bartholomew Barker, Poet On Facebook | Twitter

The Pangrammaticon by Thomas Basbøll

Thomas Basbøll from The Pangrammaticon

About: The Pangrammaticon

The Pangrammaticon

What We Love:

Find The Pangrammaticon On Twitter

Winding Sheets by Mary Bast

Mary Bast from Winding Sheets

About: Winding Sheets

Winding Sheets

What We Love:

Find Winding Sheets On Facebook | Twitter

Chicks Dig Poetry by Sandra Beasley

Sandra Beasley from Chicks Dig Poetry

About: Chicks Dig Poetry

Chicks Dig Poetry

What We Love:

Find Chicks Dig Poetry On Facebook | Twitter

B Fhiu An Braon Fola by Michael Begnal

Michael Begnal from B Fhiu An Braon Fola

About: B Fhiu An Braon Fola

B Fhiu An Braon Fola

What We Love:

Find B Fhiu An Braon Fola On Twitter

belz by Aaron Belz

Aaron Belz from belz

About: belz


What We Love:

Find belz On Twitter

Ebbortz by E. B. Bortz

E. B. Bortz from Ebbortz

About: Ebbortz


What We Love:

Find Ebbortz On FYouTube

Fleda Brown by Fleda Brown

Fleda Brown from Fleda Brown

About: Fleda Brown

Fleda Brown

What We Love:

Find Fleda Brown On Facebook | Twitter

Anomalocrinus Incurvus by Eric Burke

Eric Burke from Anomalocrinus Incurvus

About: Anomalocrinus Incurvus

What We Love:

Find Anomalocrinus Incurvus On Facebook

Jeremy Cantor by Jeremy Cantor

Jeremy Cantor from Jeremy Cantor

About: Jeremy Cantor

Sherry Chandler Poet by Sherry Chandler

Sherry Chandler from Sherry Chandler Poet

About: Sherry Chandler Poet

Sherry Chandler

What We Love:

Find Sherry Chandler Poet On Twitter

Melba Christie at Poemattic by Melba Christie

Melba Christie from Melba Christie at Poemattic

About: Melba Christie at Poemattic

Melba Christie at Poemattic

What We Love:

Find Melba Christie at Poemattic On Twitter

Tom Clark by Tom Clark

Tom Clark from Tom Clark

About: Tom Clark

Tom Clark

Anachronizms by Del Ray Cross

Del Ray Cross from Anachronizms

About: Anachronizms


What We Love:

Find Anachronizms On Twitter | Instagram

Cynthia Cruz by Cynthia Cruz

Cynthia Cruz from Cynthia Cruz

About: Cynthia Cruz

Cynthia Cruz

What We Love:

Find Cynthia Cruz On Twitter

John Davis Jr by John Davis Jr

John Davis Jr from John Davis Jr

About: John Davis Jr

John Davis Jr

Tara Deal by Tara Deal

Tara Deal from Tara Deal

About: Tara Deal

Tara Deal

What We Love:

Find Tara Deal On Facebook | Instagram

Oliver de la Paz by Oliver de la Paz

Oliver de la Paz from Oliver de la Paz

About: Oliver de la Paz

Oliver de la Paz

What We Love:

Find Oliver de la Paz On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


About: Possum


To the Russian Poets by Mary Angela Douglas

Mary Angela Douglas from To the Russian Poets

About: To the Russian Poets

To the Russian Poets

What We Love:

Find To the Russian Poets On Facebook

Old News by Ryan Eckes

Ryan Eckes from Old News

About: Old News

Old News

What We Love:

Find Old News On Twitter | Instagram

THE MAN WAS RIGHT… it IS too late to stop now… by Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow from THE MAN WAS RIGHT... it IS too late to stop now…

About: THE MAN WAS RIGHT… it IS too late to stop now…

THE MAN WAS RIGHT... it IS too late to stop now…

What We Love:

Find THE MAN WAS RIGHT… it IS too late to stop now… On FInstagram

Cowboy Zen by Dan Erickson

Dan Erickson from Cowboy Zen

About: Cowboy Zen

Cowboy Zen

What We Love:

Find Cowboy Zen On Facebook | Twitter

giganticjet by Christopher M. Evans

About: giganticjet


Annie Finch by Annie Finch

Annie Finch from Annie Finch

About: Annie Finch

Annie Finch

What We Love:

Find Annie Finch On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


About: Ursprache


The Other Adam Ford by Adam Ford

Adam Ford from The Other Adam Ford

About: The Other Adam Ford

The Other Adam Ford

What We Love:

Find The Other Adam Ford On Twitter

Last Bender by Jon Frankel

Jon Frankel from Last Bender

About: Last Bender

Last Bender

What We Love:

Find Last Bender On Facebook | Twitter

White Words by Naoko Fujimoto

Naoko Fujimoto from White Words

About: White Words

White Words

Breathing Silver Linings by Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher from Breathing Silver Linings

About: Breathing Silver Linings

Breathing Silver Linings

What We Love:

Find Breathing Silver Linings On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Very Most Good by Jamie Perez

Jamie Perez from Very Most Good

About: Very Most Good

Very Most Good

What We Love:

Find Very Most Good On Twitter

Bugolgi Apparatus by Bob Gaulke

Bob Gaulke from Bugolgi Apparatus

About: Bugolgi Apparatus

Bugolgi Apparatus

What We Love:

Find Bugolgi Apparatus On Facebook

Poetrymind by Jacqueline Gens

Jacqueline Gens from Poetrymind

About: Poetrymind


What We Love:

Find Poetrymind On Twitter

As in guillotine by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez from As in guillotine

About: As in guillotine

As in guillotine

What We Love:

Find As in guillotine On Twitter | Instagram

Axis of Abraxas A Poetry Blog by Jessica Goodfellow

Jessica Goodfellow from Axis of Abraxas A Poetry Blog

About: Axis of Abraxas A Poetry Blog

Axis of Abraxas A Poetry Blog

What We Love:

Find Axis of Abraxas A Poetry Blog On Facebook | Twitter

Erica Goss by Erica Goss

Erica Goss from Erica Goss

About: Erica Goss

Erica Goss

Rhiannon Hall by Rhiannon Hall

Rhiannon Hall from Rhiannon Hall

About: Rhiannon Hall

Rhiannon Hall

What We Love:

Find Rhiannon Hall On Facebook | Twitter

Average Poet by Robert Cameron Hazelton

Robert Cameron Hazelton from Average Poet

About: Average Poet

Average Poet

What We Love:

Find Average Poet On Twitter

Being Poetry by Erin Coughlin Hollowell

Erin Coughlin Hollowell from Being Poetry

About: Being Poetry

Being Poetry

What We Love:

Find Being Poetry On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

seventeenfingeredpoetrybird by David Dodd Lee

David Dodd Lee from seventeenfingeredpoetrybird

About: seventeenfingeredpoetrybird


What We Love:

Find seventeenfingeredpoetrybird On Twitter

Poetry for the Great Turning by Karina Lutz

Karina Lutz from Poetry for the Great Turning

About: Poetry for the Great Turning

Poetry for the Great Turning

What We Love:

Find Poetry for the Great Turning On Facebook | Twitter

McCarra by MaryAnn McCarra

MaryAnn McCarra from McCarra

About: McCarra


MoonSpit by Sheila McMullin

Sheila McMullin from MoonSpit

About: MoonSpit


What We Love:

Find MoonSpit On Twitter

Poet Mom by January Gill O Neil

January Gill O Neil from Poet Mom

About: Poet Mom

Poet Mom

What We Love:

Find Poet Mom On Facebook | Twitter

20 thoughts on “Top 100 Poetry Blogs, Websites & Best Poetry Bloggers To Follow”

    • Hi Shay!

      Thanks for checking out the post! Exactly, her poems are incredible. They have a flowing, lyrical feel, almost like song lyrics. What do you like about her writing? I noticed you left your poetry site, I had a look. Your poems are great! Your post on Lady H. M. Ainsley-Billington was interesting! I’d never heard of her before, she seems an incredibly talented woman!

    • Hi there Mike,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post! I do appreciate it. Of course, it’s a pleasure. Your poems are incredible!

    • Hi Anna,

      Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. Cool, awesome thank you! I’ve checked his poetry out and indeed it is.

  1. Nice list, thanks for sharing. Have you considered eat this poem? The combination of poetry and food on her blog is great.

    • Hey Sam!
      Thanks, and it’s a pleasure. Oh, I hadn’t heard of that one. Wow I had a look and indeed it is! Such an interesting fusion and it looks great. Added. 😀

    • Hello Josh! I’d never heard of it until now, thank you for telling me! A subscription to their magazine seems very worthwhile.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I appreciate you checking out the post, and thank you for your kind words! I agree with your favourites, they do! Thanks for leaving your website, you have incredible lyrical quality to your poetry. Full of deep meaning!

    • Hi Andrew,

      It’s a pleasure! Your long-form poetry is very interesting to read, a lot of effort and thought must go into it. I enjoy it very much. Would you have any recommendations for me to add? Would appreciate hearing any of your favourites.


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