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Top 100 Writing Blogs, Writing Websites & Best Writing Bloggers To Follow

For many, the love of books and writing goes together. I’m one of those! For the ultimate source of inspiration, I’ve created a list of writing blogs.

The list is arranged into writing websites, writing blogs, creative writing blogs & fiction writing blogs, and writing bloggers.

Have I forgotten one? Please contact me.

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The Write Life by Alexis Grant

The Write Life Logo

Alexis Grant founded the Write Life in 2013. She worked in media for many years and decided to create a company to teach others what she’d learned.

The Write Life

What I Love: Today, The Write Life is one of the leading authorities on writing advice. They focus on advice for freelancers, and how to make a living writing.

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Authority Pub

Authority Pub Logo

Founded by two best-selling non-fiction authors, Steve Scott, and Barrie Davenport. They started Authority Pub to help writers become authors.

Authority Pub

What I Love: Their posts are very well written and a wealth of information. They have an excellent podcast too!

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The Write Practice by Joe Bunting

Joe Bunting from The Write Practice

Many people believe they have a book in them. But there’s no motivation, no time. The Write Practice helps people overcome these and become writers.

The Write Practice

What I Love: They offer a personalized newsletter to help you become the best writer you can be.

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The Writing Cooperative

The Writing Cooperative Logo

It couldn’t be truer to the name. Hundreds of articles, and more added every day. All united under one idea, “Helping Each Other Write Better.”

The Writing Cooperative

What I Love: This blog is one of the biggest and most popular on Medium. For a good reason! There’s advice on nearly every aspect of the craft.

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Indie Author News

Indie Author News Logo

Services for authors, writers, self-publishers, and readers. They post roundups of new and great ebooks, interviews and news about the book industry.

Indie Author News

What I Love: A one-stop shop for indie authors and designers looking to promote their creations/services. An excellent place to look for ebooks to read.


Writers Digest

Writers Digest Logo

Writers Digest is an online magazine with years upon years of publishing. Their archive overflows with information, written by experts in the field.

Writers Digest

What I Love: They run yearly competitions, events and a hugely popular writing conference. Set aside plenty of time to look around this huge resource!

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Write to Done by Mary Jaksch

Mary Jaksch from Write to Done

Write To Done’s philosophy is centered around a critical point. Everyone can learn to write well, it’s just a matter of practice.

Write to Done

What I Love: Plenty of articles on how to stay motivated, inspired and creative. Also, a lot of posts with creative writing exercises.

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Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips Logo

This helps people develop a correct and clear writing style. Run by Maeve Maddox, a writer with a degree in English and a team of expert contributors.

Daily Writing Tips

What I Love: There’s advice on grammar and punctuation, words that tend to get confused with each other and much more.

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Make A Living Writing by Carol Tice

Carol Tice from Make A Living Writing

Carol Tice is a freelance writer and blogger, passionate about helping others earn an income. She can guide you through the entire process.

Make A Living Writing

What I Love: Carol’s posts are heartfelt and full of practical and tried and true advice.

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Writer Unboxed by Therese Walsh

Therese Walsh from Writer Unboxed

Writers Unboxed has been around for over ten years! It’s grown fast, with over 50 regular contributors from all over the writing sphere.

Writer Unboxed

What I Love: They run a yearly conference, called Writer Unboxed Un-Conference. Their community is active and vibrant.

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Writers Write

Writers Write Logo

Dedicated to helping writers from South Africa and the world to achieve their publishing goals. They publish plenty of inspiring, motivational content.

Writers Write

What I Love: They offer many helpful and reasonably-priced courses on the craft of writing, from blogging to business and copywriting.

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Reedsy Logo

Reedsy, the Self-Publishing giant also runs a successful blog on the craft of book publishing. They publish advice, tips & tricks and news regularly.


What I Love: Smart graphics, engaging writing and helpful tips are just some of the highlights of their blog. An excellent resource.

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Indies Unlimited

Indies Unlimited Logo

Indies Unlimited is a cross between a promotion site, a place to find bargain electronic and print books, and a resource for indie authors.

Indies Unlimited

What I Love: Run by volunteers dedicated to the indie publishing community. It’s excellent for promoting your book and discovering new ones.

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Australian Writers Centre by Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo from Australian Writers Centre

Australian Writers’ Centre create courses on nearly every aspect of the craft. Reasonably priced and highly regarded, one of these courses is worth it.

Australian Writers Centre

What I Love: One of their regular columns is Writing Style Q&As. They explain the differences between confusingly similar words. Very helpful!

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Funds for Writers by Hope Clark

Hope Clark from Funds for Writers

A comprehensive resource to find opportunities and competitions for writers to earn money, get exposure and their work out there.

Funds for Writers

What I Love: Excellent ebooks and other posts related to the core mission and many ideas to help you earn money while writing.

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Publication Coach by Daphne Gray-Grant

Daphne Gray-Grant from Publication Coach

People think they have to reinvent the wheel to write faster or better. That’s not true, and Daphne created Publication Coach to make it easier for writers.

Publication Coach

What I Love: If you subscribe to her newsletter, you get a complete guide on mindmapping – a technique every writer should know and use.

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Positive Writer by Bryan Hutchinson

Bryan Hutchinson from Positive Writer

Bryan Hutchinson’s work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and blogs. His site is for writers who struggle but want to create meaningful work.

Positive Writer

What I Love: Plenty of inspiring resources to keep you motivated and tapping away at the keyboard. Some great interviews with experts in the field too.

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Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl Logo

This team of published authors and professionals offer a wide variety of content about writing, publishing, and books.

Pub Crawl

What I Love: Posts on everything from the importance of networking to tutorials for aspiring writers looking to start a blog.

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Walden University Writing Center

Walden University Writing Center Logo

The Walden University’s Writing Center blog is written by experts, uni instructors and others who’ve honed their craft to perfection.

Walden University Writing Center

What I Love: Incredibly insightful and well-written content, within this website is a treasure trove of information.

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Books and Such by Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner from Books and Such

Founded in 1996. They focus on high quality writing and manuscripts making important contributions to society’s ongoing conversation.

Books and Such

What I Love: Plenty of insight into the traditonal publishing industry, how to get an agent, submit queries, all sorts of things.

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Novel Publicity by Melissa Storm

Melissa Storm from Novel Publicity

A marketing, promotion and management service for authors, they provide many services, and a blog full of helpful resources.

Novel Publicity

What I Love: Plenty of blog posts on everything on the writing craft, plus a guide to finding helpful tools for publishing.


The Ugly Writers

The Ugly Writers Logo

This is a monthly journal, where all sort of people can contribute. The website features essays, fiction stories, poetry and reviews.

The Ugly Writers

What I Love: Some incredible poetry, beautifully written stories and essays by all sorts of talented contributors.

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Every Writer

Every Writer Logo

This site helps writers find markets for their work and settle fears about writing. They have resources and a supportive community of writers.

Every Writer

What I Love: The community is wonderful, plenty of helpful articles, contests, submission opportunities and much more.

The Novelry by Louise Dean

Louise Dean from The Novelry

About: The Novelry

The Novelry

What We Love:

Find The Novelry On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Goins Writer by Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins from Goins Writer

About: Goins Writer

Goins Writer

What We Love:

Find Goins Writer On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Jerry Jenkins by Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins from Jerry Jenkins

About: Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins

What We Love:

Find Jerry Jenkins On Facebook | Twitter

Hannah Heath by Hannah Heath

Hannah Heath from Hannah Heath

About: Hannah Heath

Hannah Heath

What We Love:

Find Hannah Heath On Twitter

The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn

About: The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn

What We Love:

Find The Creative Penn On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

ebdawsonwriting by E. B. Dawson

E. B. Dawson fro ebdawsonwriting

About: ebdawsonwriting


Live Write Thrive by Susanne Lakin

Susanne Lakin from Live Write Thrive

About: Live Write Thrive

Live Write Thrive

What We Love:

Find Live Write Thrive On Facebook | Twitter

Count Blogula by Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci from Count Blogula

About: Count Blogula

Count Blogula

What We Love:

Find Count Blogula On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Janelle Garret by Janelle Garret

Janelle Garret from Janelle Garret

About: Janelle Garret

Janelle Garret

What We Love:

Find Janelle Garret On FTwitter

Beth Wangler by Beth Wangler

Beth Wrangler from Beth Wrangler

About: Beth Wangler

Beth Wangler

What We Love:

Find Beth Wangler On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Ann Kroeker by Ann Kroeker

Ann Kroeker from Ann Kroeker

About: Ann Kroeker

Ann Kroeker

What We Love:

Find Ann Kroeker On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

The Passive Voice by Passive Guy

Passive Guy from The Passive Voice

About: The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice

What We Love:

Find The Passive Voice On Twitter

Nathan Bransford by Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford from Nathan Bransford

About: Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford

What We Love:

Find Nathan Bransford On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Lisa Tener by Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener from Lisa Tener

About: Lisa Tener

Lisa Tener

What We Love:

Find Lisa Tener On Facebook | Twitter

The Write Conversation by Edie Melson

Edie Melson from The Write Conversation

About: The Write Conversation

The Write Conversation

What We Love:

Find The Write Conversation On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Write Now Coach by Rochelle Melander

Rochelle Melander from Write Now Coach

About: Write Now Coach

Write Now Coach

What We Love:

Find Write Now Coach On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

The Writing Life by Terry Whalin

Terry Whalin from The Writing Life

About: The Writing Life

The Writing Life

What We Love:

Find The Writing Life On Facebook | Twitter

About Editing and Writing by Jack Limpert

Jack Limpert from About Editing and Writing

About: About Editing and Writing

About Editing and Writing

What We Love:

Find About Editing and Writing On Facebook | Twitter

Kiran Manral by Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral from Kiran Manral

About: Kiran Manral

Kiran Manral

What We Love:

Find Kiran Manral On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Angela Booths Writing Blog by Angela Booth

Angela Booth from Angela Booths Writing Blog

About: Angela Booths Writing Blog

Angela Booths Writing Blog

What We Love:

Find Angela Booths Writing Blog On Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Rachelle Gardner by Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner from Rachelle Gardner

About: Rachelle Gardner

Rachelle Gardner

What We Love:

Find Rachelle Gardner On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Aliventures by Ali Luke

Ali Luke from Aliventures

About: Aliventures


What We Love:

Find Aliventures On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Procastiwriter by Shanan Haislip

Shanan Haislip from The Procastiwriter

About: The Procastiwriter

The Procastiwriter

What We Love:

Find The Procastiwriter On Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Well-Storied by Kristen Kieffer

Kristen Kieffer from Well-Storied

About: Well-Storied


What We Love:

Find Well-Storied On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Writers in the Storm by Laura Drake

Laura Drake from Writers in the Storm

About: Writers in the Storm

Writers in the Storm

What We Love:

Find Writers in the Storm On Facebook | Twitter

Lauren Sapala by Lauren Sapala

Lauren Sapala from Lauren Sapala

About: Lauren Sapala

Lauren Sapala

What We Love:

Find Lauren Sapala On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

All Freelance Writing by Jennifer Mattern

Jennifer Mattern from All Freelance Writing

About: All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing

What We Love:

Find All Freelance Writing On Twitter | Pinterest

Pikes Peak Writers

About: Pikes Peak Writers

Pikes Peak Writers

What We Love:

Find Pikes Peak Writers On Facebook | Twitter

Now Novel by Bridget McNulty

Bridget McNulty from Now Novel

About: Now Novel

Now Novel

What We Love:

Find Now Novel On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Fiction University by Janice Hardy

Janice Hardy from Fiction University

About: Fiction University

Fiction University

What We Love:

Find Fiction University On Facebook | Twitter

Bang2Write by Lucy Hay

Lucy Hay from Bang2Write

About: Bang2Write


What We Love:

Find Bang2Write On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

The Kill Zone

About: The Kill Zone

The Kill Zone

Go Teen Writers

Go Teen Writers Logo

About: Go Teen Writers

Go Teen Writers

What We Love:

Find Go Teen Writers On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Fantasy Authors Handbook by Phillip Athans

Phillip Athans from Fantasy Authors Handbook

About: Fantasy Authors Handbook

Fantasy Authors Handbook

What We Love:

Find Fantasy Authors Handbook On Twitter

Peter Rey’s Blog by Peter Rey

Peter Rey from Peter Reys Blog

About: Peter Reys Blog

Peter Reys Blog

What We Love:

Find Peter Reys Blog On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Mary Carroll Moore by Mary Carroll Moore

Mary Carroll Moore from Mary Carroll Moore

About: Mary Carroll Moore

Mary Carroll Moore

What We Love:

Find Mary Carroll Moore On Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Tea with Tumnus by S. M. Metzler

S. M. Metzler from Tea with Tumnus

About: Tea with Tumnus

Tea with Tumnus

What We Love:

Find Tea with Tumnus On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Book of Kells by Kelli Russell Agodon

Kelli Russell Agodon from Book of Kells

About: Book of Kells

Book of Kells

What We Love:

Find Book of Kells On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds by Chuck Wendig

Chuck Wendig from Chuck Wendig Terribleminds

About: Chuck Wendig Terrible Minds

Chuck Wendig Terribleminds

What We Love:

Find Chuck Wendig Terrible Minds On Twitter | Instagram

Shayla Raquel by Shayla Raquel

Shayla Raquel from Shayla Raquel

About: Shayla Raquel

Shayla Raquel

What We Love:

Find Shayla Raquel On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Anne R. Allens Blog by Anne R. Allen

Anne R. Allen from Anne R. Allens Blog

About: Anne R. Allens Blog

Anne R. Allens Blog

What We Love:

Find Anne R. Allens Blog On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Free Resources for Writers and Poets by Kathy Steinemann

Kathy Steinmann from Free Resources for Writers and Poets

About: Free Resources for Writers and Poets

Free Resources for Writers and Poets

What We Love:

Find Free Resources for Writers and Poets On Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Writability by Ava Jae

Ava Jae from Writability

About: Writability


What We Love:

Find Writability On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sarah K Peck by Sarah Kathleen Peck

Sarah Kathleen Peck from Sarah K Peck

About: Sarah K Peck

Sarah K Peck

What We Love:

Find Sarah K Peck On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Cozy Mystery Author by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Elizabeth Spann Craig from Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig

About: Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig

Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig

What We Love:

Find Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth Spann Craig On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Literary Rambles by Natalie Aguirre

Natalie Aguirre from Literary Rambles

About: Literary Rambles

Literary Rambles

What We Love:

Find Literary Rambles On Facebook | Twitter

AdviceToWriters by Jon Winokur

Jon Winokur from AdviceToWriters

About: AdviceToWriters


What We Love:

Find AdviceToWriters On Twitter

Roni Loren by Roni Loren

Roni Loren from Roni Loren

About: Roni Loren

Roni Loren

What We Love:

Find Roni Loren On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Inkygirl by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Debbie Ridpath Ohi from Inkygirl

About: Inkygirl


What We Love:

Find Inkygirl On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Write with Fey by Chrys Fey

Chrys Fey from Write with Fey

About: Write with Fey

Write with Fey

What We Love:

Find Write with Fey On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Pen and Prosper by Jennifer Brown Banks

Jennifer Brown Banks from Pen and Prosper

About: Pen and Prosper

Pen and Prosper

What We Love:

Find Pen and Prosper On Twitter

Fictionista by Darnell Cureton

Darnell Cureton from Fictionista

About: Fictionista


What We Love:

Find Fictionista On Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Kristen Lamb by Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb from Kristen Lamb

About: Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb

What We Love:

Find Kristen Lamb On Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Writer’s Inner Journey by Meredith Resnick

Meredith Resnick from The Writers Inner Journey

About: The Writers Inner Journey

The Writers Inner Journey

What We Love:

Find The Writers Inner Journey On Facebook | Twitter

Hope you found this list helpful!

If I haven’t included your favorite writing blog, blogger or website here on my list, feel free to share!

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    • Hi Ajayi!
      Thanks for getting in touch! Your site has some great articles and brings quite a lot to the online writing community! So, of course, I had to include it.
      I love the number of fantastic pieces by all the talented writers. Will have to have more of a read soon. You’ve created an excellent resource for writers there.


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